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  Welcome to the Breed Specific Legislation website.  

  Breed Specific Legislation Intro

Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) refers to laws or policies which are directed towards a single dog breed or a limited number of dog breeds, while other breeds are excluded from said law/policy. BSL mainly regulates breeding and owning of specific breeds, especially the so called pitbull-type dogs.

Here we will discuss argumentation pro-BSL, argumentation contra-BSL and effective alternatives to Breed Specific Legislation.

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  Latest News

  • Breed Specific Legislation

    • Rage Syndrome in Cockers Spaniels

      Research reveals a rage syndrome in Cockers Spaniels. "Cocker Rage" is not a new problem, indeed in an American book first published in 1935, Ella B Moffit wrote of certain Cockers having bad temperaments and expressed the view then that because breeders were not being selective enough and dogs and bitches with bad temperaments were being bred from, this resulted in poor temperaments reappearing three to four generations later. (By Jon on 2010-10-20.)
    • German Research on Temprament in Bull and Terrier type dogs

      In a recent study in Germany, no indication for inadequate or disturbed aggressive behaviour in this Bullterrier bloodline was found in a scientific study comparing Bull Terriers (falling under German Breed Specific Legislation) and Golden Retrievers. (By Jon on 2010-03-30.)
    • Dutch Arrangement for Aggressive Animals revoked

      When the Dutch BSL(RAD) was dropped June 9th 2008, the advise of the Commission of Wises had some recommendations that are now (2009 and onwards) being implemented by Mrs. Gerda Verburg. (By Jon on 2009-07-29.)
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