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Jan Dirk van Ginneke - Tribute 2008

  Jan Dirk van Ginneke - Tribute 2008

Grand Champion Jan Dirk van Ginneke:

Jan Dirk van Ginneke has - in the first instance as chairman of the Pitbull Club Nederland and since the late '80 as founder of Animal Research Foundation Europe (www.arfe.nl) has devoted himself fighting for the rights of the "pitbull like" in The Netherlands.

After the introduction of the RAD (a Dutch bsl law) Jan has acted servingly for many hours and has made thousands of kilometres between the courts across The Netherlands, as a specialist and contra-expert to intervene in court cases around seized dogs. When many gave in, Jan kept fighting and finally this year there was a spark of hope (RAD termination).

The working spirit of Jan has been unparalleled, as well as his tenacity and fighting spirit in the fight against the "pitbulllaw". This should not pass unnoticed and therefore is Jan - with his awarded real trophy cup - appointed "Grand Champion" with an honorable mention in the Register Of Merit on behalf of all the dogs that can be grateful!

Below on this page there are a number of photo's viewable.

Prior history:

We are convinced that nobody has sacrificed the number of miles and hours, days, months, years that Jan has in the fight against the RAD. While he was almost a lone cowboy in his battle against this great injustice from 93 and onwards. More importantly, he did not accept but remained and remains against the tide defending the interest of the dogs.

Although the RAD was effected in 1993, the social and political debate played since the late 80s. Some twenty years ago, Jan from ARFE lodged a thought that only now has germinated within politics. If you would only know what kind of information packages went from ARFE towards politics. Thick packets with information that cannot be easily ignored. Information from experts of content: scientists, veterinarians, etc. A lot more effort than protesting with banner and a "yellow badge (Jewish badge)" on the chest in Den Haag crying for the bad news for dogs and their owners or a handful, not substantiated mails from victims.

Rational discussion

Many people saw Jan as a threat. He was a pioneer. For the first time - and for a long-time single handedly - he lead the discussion with media and politics in a rational manner. Strong arguments showing why the public opinion and legislative measure were both moral, scientific and legally incorrect. And that was threatening to the "authorities": Prof. Bouw, the ir Netto, drs Planta and friends. J.D. Gabor, however, had the sensation driven media controlled public opinion, and the luck of an ignorant herd sheep in the Dutch Lower House. So the RAD was created.

Bernese Mountain Dog

And the cynology? Jan wrote to all all breed club in the Netherlands and immediately rang the bell to warn about the impending doom. At the time he warned them all that although the "pitbull like" are at stake today, their breed maybe on tomorrow or the day after. How many responses do you think that he has received?


Counting only one response. That of the breed club for the Bernese Mountain Dog. Scope: "You are quite right Mr. Van Ginneken, it's very good that the pitbull is prohibited." Apparently not interested in reading the contents of the letter, to understand the reasoning and thus understanding the conclusion!

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