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  Dutch Arrangement for Aggressive Animals revoked

The advise of the Commission of Wises (rapport published June 9th 2008 by ministery of agriculture, nature and food quality) has the following conclusions:

  1. revoke the Arrangement for Aggressive Animals (abbreviated RAD in Dutch);
  2. stimulate and facilitate informing about the (dangers of) keeping dogs;
  3. include rules for the keeping of dogs in the communal generally local regulations (abbreviated APV’s in Dutch);
  4. extend the inclination of article 425 of Criminal Law to people and animals;
  5. active preservation of APV's in areas with lot of nuisance from aggressive dogs;
  6. obliged Identification and Registration (I&R) of dogs that were involved in a bite incident;
  7. further development of a Socially Accepatble Behaviour (abbreviated in dutch as MAG)-test to a test with a higher positive predictive value. The current MAG-test is criticized as limited effective by the commission;
  8. 5-yearly evaluation of the development of bite incidents and uniform registration methods.

The minister of agriculture, nature and food quality, Mrs. Gerda Verburg, employs the above recommendations virtually to the letter.

Moreover, the minister makes some parts even more clear:

New policy
In the light of the principles as described above, I am of the opinion that we can not suffice with just following the advise of the Commission. Therefore, I deem it necessary to carry through additional measures. Measures that contribute to the safety feelings of citizens and measures that dictate that dogs can not be killed exclusively based on their fysical appearance.

The whole letter can be found here in Dutch, and the whole report by the Commission of Wises can be found here in Dutch (big file).

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